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Work directly with Robbie Weiss, former #85th ranked player in the world on the ATP Tour, #1 ranked player in college tennis and NCAA Singles Champion. Wins over Boris Becker, Ivan Lendl, Stefan Edberg and Patrick Rafter, all former #1 ranked players in the world. Winner of an ATP 250 Tour in singles, Finalist in 7 Challenger singles events winning 3. Winner of 13 National Junior Tournaments and Junior Wimbledon Doubles. Former Head Coach at Clemson University, Cornell University and Assistant Coach at Pepperdine University, Georgia Tech University and the University of Alabama. Coached on ATP Tour. Inducted in the College Tennis Hall of Fame and Pepperdine University Athletics Hall of Fame.

LevelUp Tennis Consulting

Personalized Consulting

LevelUp Tennis Consulting is a video analysis service designed to help you become a better player with immediate results. Having spent thousands of hours coaching and analyzing every stroke in tennis, I will give you valuable insight into your own game and offer you simple but lasting solutions to drastically improve your technique. Also, learn how to "play" the game correctly by understanding the correct shot selection, court positioning, footwork and balance and how to compete at a higher level.

Personalized Consulting

Swing Mechanics

Master efficient and effective swing mechanics. By nailing down the proper fundamentals, it will lay down foundational skills and pave the way for achieving long term success. My method will simplify the swing and limit unnecessary movements to make it repeatable under any circumstance.

Swing Mechanics

Point Analysis

Learn how to better construct a point and improve shot selection based on your court position. Understand when to play offensively, when to neutralize and how to play the correct shots when on the defense. Improve how to get the upper hand in a point and how to zero in on opponents weaknesses.

<span>Point Analysis</span>

Why Use LevelUp Tennis Consulting?

How does it work?

Send a video of a specific stroke or of a recent match which you would like analyzed to [email protected]. I will email you within 48 hours a detailed report of what needs improvement and the steps necessary to make a quick and meaningful jump in your game. Videos can be uploaded to YouTube or any service which allows larger files to be sent through email. Please keep videos of strokes under 5 minutes and under 20 minutes for match play. Once you receive the report, we will set up a Zoom or FaceTime call to discuss my analysis and set a course of action so you can make permanent improvements to your game.

Who is this for?

LevelUp Tennis Consulting is for tennis players of any age or level who are looking for purposeful, direct information that will produce real results. Having excellent technique and solid fundamentals are essential prerequisites for reaching a higher level of success in tennis. LevleUp Tennis Consulting is specifically designed to help players who may be frustrated with their current results and yearn to ascend to the next level of their game. If you've witnessed marginal improvements despite spending significant amounts of money on private and group lessons, LevelUp Tennis Consulting is designed to bring all the pieces together and ignite your game. The information provided is transformative and will make a big difference in your game.

What makes this different?

Many players struggle to improve quickly in tennis due to poor swing mechanics. While the mental aspect of the game is crucial, a player's potential largely relies on their swing mechanics. Unfortunately, the majority of players lack a deep understanding of the complex mechanics involved in tennis strokes, which have numerous moving parts. It takes a skilled eye to quickly assess and provide the player with essential yet easy-to-process information. Establishing a solid foundation for each stroke is essential for becoming a better player, regardless of experience or current skill level. The information I will provide simplifies the swings, making them easier rather than more challenging. By eliminating unnecessary movements, timing issues at contact are minimized, leading to improved consistency. Players will gain insight into why they missed shots or why some felt great. Understanding the kinetic chain of how each body part must move in sync and follow a correct sequence is crucial for maximizing strokes. If the kinetic chain breaks down, shots are likely to be missed or be less effective. Players will learn techniques such as accelerating the racket through impact at maximum speed while gaining accuracy and consistency for groundstrokes, using leg-based volleys to minimize upper body movement, driving the slice backhand through the court, mastering overheads, improving power and accuracy on the serve, and knowing when to use close or open stance footwork on groundstrokes. If the goal is to become more proficient at match play and become more mentally tough, players will learn all the tools necessary to winning. Some areas covered are having the proper court position to gain and keep control of the point, understanding the proper shot selection based on the variables within each point, gain insight in to strategic patterns to exploit opponents' weaknesses, maintain a strong mindset in the face of adversity, utilize the forehand as a weapon, improve defensive skills to neutralize the point, capitalize on mid-court opportunities to finish points at the net, be aggressive on return of serves by having the proper footwork and technique, and having the tools to win the crucial points while overcoming nerves.

What is the pricing structure?

The cost for the video analysis is $100.00 per stroke or match play. Payments can be made through PayPal by clicking the "Pay Here" button below or via Venmo @Robbie-Weiss.

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Contact Information

If you would like to get started or have any questions, please email me at: [email protected]. I will get back to you within 24 hours.

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